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Advanced Revenue Management Services for Hotels and Resorts.

Afixis Hospitality Management Company specializes in the management of Hotels and Resorts, having built an ever-expanding network of partners throughout Greece.

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Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers you the opportunity to partially or fully outsource hotel management services to a team of experienced and trained professionals who have emerged in the hospitality market from within.

Hotel Management
"Oia Spirit Boutique Residences", Santorini.


Revenue Management
For the application of revenue management, we utilize a series of advanced tools, revenue management methods & efficiency indicators, which enable you to increase the revenue of your hotel business.
Sales Management
We utilize effectively distribution channels (B2B, B2C) for a dynamic and well-networked sales boost, which is essential to increase the commercial performance of a property, and let alone a hotel.
Reservations Management
Regarding reservations, we fully handle all digital and telephone communication from the moment the prospective guest starts showing interest in the reservation until the moment he checks out of the hotel.

Afixis Hospitality is an outsourcing hotel management company focused on redeveloping and managing independent hotel companies and accommodation assets in Greece.

Founded in 2019 by a team of highly motivated professionals with a proven track record in the hospitality industry, it has already developed a steadily growing network of prestigious accommodations in various popular Greek destinations.

A core belief for us is that every property needs a holistic approach that integrates its reservations, sales, and revenue management. We offer these services either as a complete package or separately, keeping close collaboration with your in-house departments.

Our Revenue Management services aim at optimizing the commercial performance of your property through sophisticated data analysis and advanced yielding strategies. We do not focus just on temporary results, but always look at the bigger picture and strive to create long-term action plans. Based on analytical benchmarking, forecasting, budgeting, monitoring, and yielding, we establish healthy revenue streams for your property not only for the current year’s season, but also with an eye to the future.

Furthermore, our Reservations Management service can relieve you of the demanding and time-consuming task of handling communication with guests who have made or consider making a booking at your property. Managing all guest contacts in a timely, engaging and professional manner, we convey your high hotel service standards to every potential traveller before they even check in. Ultimately, this leaves you all the time and energy you need to concentrate on strategic decision-making or to give your best at overwhelming the guests who are already in your property.

Last but not least, our Sales Management service focuses on achieving maximum visibility for your property at the lowest possible cost. Promoting your hotel through a variety of B2B and B2C channels, we create an optimum distribution mix. This way, we gain access to a multinational clientele, even expanding to new markets, and decrease dependence on just a few sales channels.

Reach out for our services today! No matter whether you select our full package or just part of it, our 30 years of accumulated experience in the hotel industry are a guarantee for the results we can bring to your enterprise. Benefit from our services now and help your property reach its full potential!