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Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas welcomes guests to a stylish world of minimalist elegance and luxury on the beautiful island of Lesvos. Nestled amidst mountains and the crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, it is the perfect destination for a fun, romantic getaway or quality family time. With a guest-centric philosophy and special attention to detail, our team will greet you with a refreshing drink and help you create a personalized, unforgettable vacation. The private-pool rooms and villas offer sheer comfort, relaxation, and luxury, inviting you to unwind, reconnect, and let your senses take over for the ultimate holiday experience. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue, Sales and Reservations Management services.
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"Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas", Lesvos
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"Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas", Lesvos

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Sales Management
Reservations Management
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"Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas", Lesvos
Eleia Seafront Rooms Villas4


Location: Lesvos
Property type: Villa and Rooms
Number of rooms: 11
USPs: Rooms with Private Pool, Infinity Pool, Sea View
Partner since: 2023
Website: eleialesvos.com