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Islet Santorini



Islet Santorini locked at Santorini. This luxurious villa in Santorini beautifully embraces Cycladic architecture with its graceful arches and natural materials such as glass, marble, wood, and stoneware. Adorned in muted, earthy tones, the interior blends modern light fixtures and captivating works of art, creating a welcoming and inviting space. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue, Sales and Reservations Management services.
Islet Santorini 1
"Islet Santorini", Santorini
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"Islet Santorini", Santorini

Partner Services

Revenue Management
Sales Management
Reservations Management
Islet Santorini 3
"Islet Santorini", Santorini
Islet Santorini 3 1


Location: Santorini
Property type: Luxury Villa
Number of rooms: 1
USPs: Infinity Pool, Sea View
Partner since: 2024