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Kaseas Boutique Hotel


Cave Suites

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Mani, KaSeas Boutique Hotel is a haven of tranquility and luxury, overlooking the shimmering waters of Gerolimenas Bay. Inspired by the rich local tradition and architecture, our hotel seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern amenities. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or a peaceful escape, our serene surroundings and exceptional service will rejuvenate and refresh you. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue, Sales and Reservations Management services.
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"Kaseas Boutique Hotel", Mani
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"Kaseas Boutique Hotel", Mani

Partner Services

Revenue Management
Sales Management
Reservations Management
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"Kaseas Boutique Hotel", Mani
Kaseas Boutique Hotel5


Location: Mani
Property type: Boutique Hotels, Luxury Suites, Loft Suites
Number of rooms: 15
USPs: Suite with Balcony and Sea View, Hot-Tub, Loft
Partner since: 2024
Website: kaseas.com