Kasimatis by La Perla


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Kasimatis by La Perla is situated at the top of the tranquil area of Imerovigli village and built in the traditional local Cycladic style of the island. The window panes doors and the whitewashed walls complement the picturesque beauty of the traditional Greek village. Kasimatis by La Perla offers amazing views of the blue Aegean Sea and the volcanic island of Santorini.
"Kasimatis by La Perla", Santorini.
"Kasimatis by La Perla", Santorini.

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"Kasimatis by La Perla", Santorini.


Location: Imerovigli, Santorini
Property type: 4* Hotel
Number of rooms: 19
USPs: Pool & pool bar, Caldera and sunset view
Partner since: 2019