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Kensho Ornos


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Kensho Ornos a 5* boutique hotel located in Ornos, Mykonos welcomes guests to a unique vacation experience. The interior design in all areas creates a special feeling of “barefoot, bohemian luxury” while all the contemporary facilities that today’s discerning traveler looks for, are there. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue Management services.
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"Kensho", Ornos, Mykonos
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"Kensho", Ornos, Mykonos

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Revenue Management
junior suite mykonos
"Kensho", Ornos, Mykonos
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Location: Ornos, Mykonos
Property type: 5* Boutique Hotel
Number of rooms: 35
USPs: Restaurant, Outdoor Pool, & Pool Bar, Personalized Concierge Services
Partner since: 2023