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Pelekas Monastery



Pelekas Monastery is an elegant hotel located right on one of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu island, Kontogialos Beach, at a short distance from Pelekas Village. The majority of its rooms overlook the endless Ionian Sea and have unparalleled sunset views. The hotel is ideal for couples and families alike, offering a vast variety of sports, leisure and entertainment facilities and activities. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue Management Services.
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"Pelekas Monastery", Pelekas Beach, Corfu.
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"Pelekas Monastery", Pelekas Beach, Corfu.

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Revenue Management
pelekasmonasteryMAIN RESTAURANT
"Pelekas Monastery", Pelekas Beach, Corfu.
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Location: Pelekas Beach, Corfu
Property type: 5* Hotel
Number of rooms: 189
USPs: Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Spa, Gym, Beachfront
Partner since: 2022