Global Travel Collection recently presented a new study during the “Elevate the Journey “web conference. The study shows that Europe is the top pick for luxury travelers. The study also reveals that luxury travelers are concerned about their health and their safety rather than cost.

Few months ago, we had republished a research made by Destinology concerning travelers’ sentiment for the season 2020 and 2021. This new research is more specific and focused on the luxury segment.

More specifically the research showed:

Concerning their travel plans, 64% dream of being able to travel again, 18% have already booked a future trip, 16% are starting to plan their next vacation and 16% do not plan to travel soon.

When it comes to travel comfort, 43% said they are waiting for the vaccine before planning a trip, 41% are comfortable planning a vacation for 2021 and 2022 from now on, 20% are concerned about future travel risks and 10% feel comfortable traveling in 2020.

For the moment travel spending does not shrink as 56% expect to spend the same amount as last year on future trips, 33% plan to spend less and 12% more.

Worldwide luxury travelers are interested in traveling to:

Europe 63%

Australia 21%

Caribbean 21%

Africa 18%

Angie Licea, the President of Global Travel Collection stated, “What these results show it that luxury travelers are concerned with health and safety, as opposed to economics.” But the desire to travel is still there, and with the help of a travel advisor, I am confident many luxury travelers can turn their vacation dreams into reality. Travel will be back. Europe is the top pick for luxury travelers.