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Budget utilization with calculated and efficient distribution

More Visibility Less Cost of Sales


Diffusion in the digital market is now an integral and very large part of sales, especially in the hospitality industry. If you want to make the most of your budget by achieving the desired result, you need to give your online presentation and promotion the weight it deserves.

Effective management of of marketing in the digital world is built on distributing the budget on the right multichannel marketing promotion, in order to "reach" the potential customer directly and at the lowest possible cost.

This is possible when implemented professionally, through the digital marketing management service, which enables hotel owners to maintain, develop and renew their customer market, literally with one click!

This process requires specialization and collaborative work, starting from website optimization and optimization of all distribution channels’ accounts up to creating and monitoring all campaigns in Google Ads and Social Media.

Our team, having significant experience in Hotel Marketing after implementing marketing and promotional activities for numerous Boutique Hotels, as well as top mid-range hotels in Greece, can become the outsourcing digital marketing partner you need to achieve your hotel promotion goals.



The digital marketing management service our company has designed is developed through the following key promotions and activities:

Revenue management for Hotels
"Kasimatis by La Perla", Santorini.
Creating and managing accounts on several booking platforms (Airbnb, Expedia κλπ)
Website optimization (copywriting, SEO, technical features)
Creating and managing a Google Ads account
Creating and managing Social Media accounts
Creating and promoting advertorials on most visited websites
Email marketing campaigns
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    Revenue management for Hotels
    "La Perla Villas & Suites", Santorini.
    Digital Marketing