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Managing reservations and all communication with potential customers coming from any sales channel is one of the most basic and time-consuming functions of a hotel.

Reservations management and subsequent customer service are vital for the smooth flow of reservation process and for making a good first impression on potential visitors, that will win their trust.

If you want to free yourself from this demanding and time-consuming process of running a hotel, by outsourcing it to professionals, then you need a team of reservation management experts to handle it.

Our team, having significant experience in Reservation Management, after handling this service for numerous Boutique Hotels, as well as top mid-range hotels in Greece, can become the outsourcing reservation management partner you need.

The reservation management service our company has designed covers all pre-check-in and post-check-out telephone and online communication between your hotel and the guest, in terms of their interest around making a reservation.



More specifically, we provide the following:

"Oia Spirit Boutique Residences", Santorini.
Manage requests and offers for room reservations (email, phone communication & online platforms)
Process and monitor all booking requests, modifications, cancellations, and queries
Create messaging templates (arrival, booking form, confirmation)
Handling of Property Management System
Creating operating procedures between reservations and all related departments
Quality assurance standards
Management of Channel Manager software
Management of booking engines, online platforms, and internal hotel programs
Handle and monitor room reservation payments for B2B & B2C segments (optional)
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    Kasimatis by La Perla, Santorini.
    Reservations Management