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Answer requests on time

Up sell products and services

We take care of reservations process end to end

Handling communication with guests until their arrival can be a daunting task, especially during high-demand periods. An influx of inquiries via phone calls, emails or OTA and Tour Operator messages require a timely and professional response.
We take this workload off your shoulders! Plus, we handle all communication with guests in an engaging manner and increase their overall satisfaction before they even check in.
Moreover, according to our communication with guests we assist you with room allocation and the overall management of your reservations plan.
At the same time, we strive to take advantage of any upselling opportunity that will maximize your overall revenue.
This leaves you all the time and energy you need to focus on strategic decision-making or to give your best at overwhelming the guests who are already in your property.
Let's work together to achieve the best results.

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Phone Requests

We answer on your behalf all the incoming phone calls to maximize direct reservations.

Online Travel Agents

We handle reservations and inquires coming from online travel agents.

Reservations Deposits

We take care of reservations prepayments.

Room Allocation

We arrange rooms allocation so we have a clear view of the actual available inventory of your property.

Email Requests

We answer on your behalf all the email requests concerning reservations and general inquires.

Tour Operators

We communicate with Tour Operators for reservations status, requests, stop sales, release period etc

Up Selling

We up sell and promote all the services of your property through advanced sales techniques.

Inventory Management

We monitor the status of the availability on a daily basis to adjust allotments, to apply appropriate stop sales, & modify release days.

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