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Multilateral Sales Management to Increase Revenue

Enrich your Sales Network


A dynamic sales boost is essential for increasing room revenues of a hotel. If you want to ensure your hotel’s customer market share, you should make use of all appropriate distribution channels (B2B, B2C).

This is done through the sales management service, which allows hotel owners to develop their existing clientele, while discovering new ones, through distribution channels that connect your hotel with potential guests.

This process requires professional networking with the right travel agencies and tour operators, as well as digital know-how to manage the online sales channels, based on the revenue management plan.

Our team, having significant experience in the hotel industry and having built partnerships with reputable travel agencies around the world, can become the outsourcing organized and efficient sales department your hotel needs.




Our sales management activities are developed through the following key distribution channels:

"La Perla Villas & Suites", Oia, Santorini.
Tour Operators
Travel Consortium
Online travel agents
Metasearch channels
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