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Budget & Forecast

We implement revenue management techniques to sell your rooms at the optimum rate

With state of the art Revenue management techniques, we sell rooms at the optimum price, the right time, to the desired traveler and through the best channel.
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Budget & Forecast

We analyze internal and external historical data to anticipate future occupancy rates and revenues.

Yielding Strategy

Based on our forecast & budgeting plan we handle room rates dynamically to push all the time market relevant rates.


Based on your hotel characteristic, we create and monitor competition framework to make sure your hotel is always one step ahead.


We split guests of your hotel into segments to better understand their purchasing behavior and their needs in order to target them on time and through the correct sales channel.

Insights & Reporting

We create reports based on Key Performance Indicators to monitor and assess the pace of reservations and to adjust strategies when needed.

Data Analysis

We combine historical data from your hotel with data from the wider market to define trends and market dynamics.

Demand Calendars

We design calendars with all major events from the main incoming markets to forecast high demand dates.

Commission Optimizer

We handle sales channels and their promotional tools in a dynamic way to keep conversions high but commissions and discounts as low as possible.

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