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Hotel Atlantis



A glittering all-white marble façade with an emblematic array of arches mesmerizes visitors at first sight preparing them for a truly unique experience. On the interior of this imposing shell that exudes the timeless allure of Cycladic style guests will discover a surprising oasis of tranquillity despite the hotel’s central location in Santorini’s capital city. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue and Sales Management services.
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"Atlantis Hotel", Fira, Santorini
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"Atlantis Hotel", Fira, Santorini

Partner Services

Revenue Management
Sales Management
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"Atlantis Hotel", Fira, Santorini
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Location: Fira, Santorini
Property type: 4* Boutique Hotel
Number of rooms: 25
USPs: Pool & Pool Bar, Caldera view
Partner since: 2021