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Oyster Luxury Suites


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Oyster Luxury Suites is a brand new complex of private cave suites in Santorini. Oyster Luxury Suites promise and provide to their guests the ultimate travel experience as it is a stately and relaxing retreat. This lavish complex is located in the east side of Imerovigli, nested in the mountain, a perfect location as it is far away from the noisy and crowed streets. In the middle of the property dominates a breathtaking swimming pool with double sun-beds in it where our guests are able to enjoy their drinks while gazing the enchanting sea view. The surrounding area is graced by the landmark of the Ancient Greece; the olive tree. Afixis Hospitality Management Company offers Revenue and Sales Management services.
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"Oyster Luxury Suites", Santorini
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"Oyster Luxury Suites", Santorini

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Revenue Management
Sales Management
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"Oyster Luxury Suites", Santorini
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Location: Imerovigli, Santorini
Property type: Luxury Suites
Number of rooms: 7
USPs: Private Pool Suites, Swimming Pool, Sea Views
Partner since: 2021