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Homeric Poems
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Ducato Di Oia
Thank you for choosing our hotel for your vacation, We are in the unfortunate position to inform you that because your reserved room belongs to the New section of rooms that are about to open this year for the first time and because we are facing some technical/import issues concerning these rooms, we have to ask you to modify the reservation and choose another room type from those that you will find available on the dates. (Relax Suites or Sea view Suite or Dream / Deep Dream Suite etc). We are sorry for this inconvenience, if this solution is not to your satisfaction please feel free to cancel and we can also propose alternative hotels in the Island. Thank you for your understanding and we apologise once more. Mykonos dove team.
SantAnna Luxury Suites
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Abyss Santorini
Hotel Atlantis
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Kasimatis by La Perla
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Spitia Santorini
Alexander's Suites Oia
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White & Co. Exclusive Island Villas
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Oia Spirit Boutique Residences
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Elements Cozy Suites
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